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Tips For New Drivers

I remember the first day I passed my driver’s test. I was on cloud nine…invincible. I instantly thought about all the places I was now able to go by myself. No more asking mom and dad or my friends for a ride – my ticket to being independent had finally come, and I was ready […]

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Safety Tips For Swimming Pools

What is your favorite way to stay cool in the summer? Swimming? Ours too. Swimming is one the great activities of summertime. Even if you are not a dolphin in the water, soaking up some sun and hearing the water ripple in the breeze is worth the time. Swimming pools can also be where accidents […]

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Give Your Eyes A Break

Whether it is a work computer, home laptop or your smartphone, chances are you stare at some type of screen for hours each day. This can lead to vision problems. “Focusing on tiny types for hours on end can cause eyestrain, fatigue and headaches,” the American Academy of Ophthalmology cautions. Staring at a screen for […]

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Bike Safety 101

  Spring is around the corner and it is important to review safe bike riding tips. Before every bike ride you can stay safe by performing the ABC Quick Check: Air pressure: check the air pressure in your tires Brakes: check your brakes to make sure they are working correctly Cranks, chains and cogs: check […]

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Driver and Pedestrian Safety

  As spring approaches and more people are out and about, we would like to remind you that both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for traffic safety. Safety is a two-way street and sometimes pedestrians are not where they should be or where a driver expects them to be. Drivers and pedestrians should follow these […]

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Earthquake Safety: The Before, The During and The After

There is no such thing as “earthquake weather.” Statistically there is approximately an equal distribution of earthquakes in cold weather, hot weather and rainy weather. Earthquakes are natural disasters that come without much warning – if any. According to the California Integrated Seismic Network, warning times can be anywhere from a few minutes to just […]

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Pet Safety Tips During The Fall Weather

When I think of fall, the first things that pop into my head are the leaves changing colors, pumpkins, apple cider, Halloween, cooler weather and shorter days. While this season is an exciting time for many people across the United States, it can be a dangerous time for your pets. Between the sudden drop in […]

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8 Ways Safety Shoes Protect You on the Job

When you think about shoes for the workplace, heavy-duty footwear such as steel toe boots may come to mind. These boots are important personal protective equipment (PPE) that many industrial and construction worksites require. There are many kinds of shoes that can make jobs safer, though, not just steel toe boots. Other types of boots […]

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How To Guide To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by the incomplete burning of any carbon-containing material, including gasoline, natural gas, propane, coal or wood. CO is dangerous because it replaces oxygen in the blood and interferes with the transport of needed oxygen to cells in the body. Safety Tips Many incidents involving carbon monoxide […]

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