Bedtime Phone Eyesight Scare

Your smartphone could cause temporary blindness. This scare sounds a bit far fetch but, according to two reports, viewing a phone at night under certain circumstances can cause what is being called “transient smartphone blindness”. However, there is a simple solution. The victims were two women who had been repeatedly checking their phones in the […]

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Six Fun Family Dinner Ideas

Are your family dinners starting to feel like a chore? Poor planning, picky eaters and crazy schedules, are you feeling like you are eating the same meal over and over again? Having a little creativity, family meals can be an opportunity for both parents and children to build stronger relationships while trying something new. Meals […]

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Protect Your Home Against Sewer Backups

A sewer backup issue can be one of the most distressing problems for a homeowner to encounter. At this time of year, homes are at high risk, causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to them. The United States has more than half a million miles of sewer lines, which means there […]

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Fun Before Summer Ends

School is almost here. Summer break is ending, and you might be looking forward to some relaxation with having a break from the kids, but they might be down in the dumps because their vacation is coming to a close. No matter your situation, it is the perfect time to get some last-minute summer fun […]

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