Fun Before Summer Ends

School is almost here. Summer break is ending, and you might be looking forward to some relaxation with having a break from the kids, but they might be down in the dumps because their vacation is coming to a close. No matter your situation, it is the perfect time to get some last-minute summer fun […]

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Should You Buy Special Event Insurance?

When you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party, or a fundraiser; insurance usually is a topic that doesn’t come up. In today’s lawsuit-happy society, it might be wise contact your independent insurance agent about purchasing a special event insurance policy. This kind of insurance policy can help protect your investment in the event and […]

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Why You Will Love Having an Insurance Agent

There are so many ways to buy insurance nowadays. If you are covered, does it really matter how you got there? Of course, it does. You will experience the difference when you work with a local independent insurance agent, like R.C. Keller & Company. To an independent insurance agent, a policy is a promise – […]

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Saving Money on Your Summer Road Trip

Warm weather is here and that means thousands of Midwesterners will head out on road trips soon. We wanted to give you some tips that can help you save money while you are driving to your destination. Get a tune-up and cut weight: Preventive car care before a summer road trip can help you save […]

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