Benefits of Playing Youth Sports

You ask any young athlete why they enjoy playing sports, you will get answers like; it’s fun, learn new skills, make new friends and feel successful. The benefits of youth sports go much further than this. Sports offer an arena where the children can demonstrate their talents and hone their skills. Participating in sports has […]

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Tailgating Safety Tips

Fall means the air gets cooler, the leaves change color and football season is in full swing. Part of the fun of going to college or professional football game is packing up the grill, loading the cooler and tailgating with all the other fans for your favorite team (Chicago Bears of course). It does not […]

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Protecting Your Valuables

Before a thief steals your possessions or a piece of jewelry becomes lost, call R.C. Keller & Company at 847-907-4520 to learn more about the affordable ways we can help protect the finer things in life and what you value most. Basics Your standard homeowners, condominium or renter’s insurance policy include a limited amount of […]

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