Craft Brewery Programs Tailored to Meet Your Needs

The world of craft breweries is rapidly expanding and as it does insurance companies are becoming more effective at identifying and addressing this diverse risk. The new options and specialized coverages are being made available to all craft brewery producers.

Throughout Schaumburg, Illinois and beyond, brewery owners turn to R.C. Keller & Company for their brewery insurance solutions. We are dedicated to the beverage industry and have a pulse on what is happening in this complex insurance market each day.

Wide Range of Coverage for Breweries

Our agency offers brewery insurance and related coverage for everything from microbreweries to large-scale brewing establishments, your brewpubs to local and regional distributors.

Depending on the size and the scope of your business, coverage options are as follows:

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  • Commercial Property Insurance – coverage for your buildings and contents.
  • Equipment and Machinery Coverage – can help with the repair or replacement costs of damaged equipment caused by pressure vessels as well as losses resulting from production interruption and downtime
  • Brewers Spoilage and Contamination – if a batch of beer is contaminated during any part of the process before distribution, this coverage can cover the initial production cost as well as lost revenue.
  • Liquor Liability – whether you have a full-service bar or offer beer tastings after tours, this coverage is essential to cover damages to persons and property caused by patrons and customers consume your products or allege they were over-served by your brewery.
  • Brewers Bonds – a bond that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requires to approve your Brewer’s Notice.
  • Product Recall Expense – coverage that can help offset the costs of removing the tainted product and replacing it.
  • Processing Errors – coverage that is not part of your standard commercial property coverage form. Includes coverage for sudden and accidental damage to craft beverage products caused by the unintentional blending of products, unintentional inclusion of water that alters or dilutes the product, over-addition or under-addition of any chemicals or ingredients to the product, or inclusion of any chemicals or ingredients purposefully used in manufacturing but incorrect for the batch.
  • Delivery Errors or Omissions – this coverage gives you additional coverage for financial damages your brewery could be liable to your customers because of an error in the delivery process.

Why R.C. Keller & Associates?

R.C. Keller & Company is an independent insurance agency, which means we are not tied to one insurance company. We have established relationships with several reputable companies that specialize in providing comprehensive brewery insurance. Choices are important, and we can give you different options that work best for your business.

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