Getting Married Or Engaged

Insurance For The Big Day And Beyond

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Let’s first start off with a hearty congratulations on your engagement!

You might have sweated it out on proposal day, but the decision to get engaged is an easy one; it is the planning and follow-through that is the hard part. There are a lot of questions to answer before the big day – Will it be a big wedding or a small one? Are you going with a shabby-chic theme or country classic? Will you be serving chicken or fish – or both? And for goodness sakes, what about vegetarian options?

Ok, so those aren’t questions we can help you with, but we here at R.C. Keller & Company can provide you with the protection you need for the big day and beyond. Our agents are here to walk you through your current insurance policies so that we can best determine what further coverage you will need to ensure that your wedding day is a success.

Wedding Protection

We work with Travelers to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. This Wedding Protector Plan is specially designed to provide cancellation postponement coverage. You can count on our policies to stave off the following wedding day disasters:

  • Damage to the dress and/or the groom’s tuxedo
  • Lost deposits
  • Lost rings
  • Inclement weather
  • Damage to photographs and/or negatives
  • Sudden illness
  • Liability coverage (optional)
  • Additional expense
  • Unemployment
  • And more!

Special Events Protection

We also offer the Protector Plan for Events. This coverage offers protection for all your invite-only events – like your first-anniversary party, or your 50th. Similar to our wedding coverage, this plan will also protect your investment against cancellation/postponement, loss of deposits and additional expenses. Liability insurance is also available as an add-on, as is specialty coverage like liquor liability.

Combining Policies

Alright, so you’ve tied the knot and now you’re ready to move onto the next phase of your lives. The marriage certificate has been signed, names have been changed and you think you’ve got your affairs in order, but have you talked to your insurance agent lately?

We might not be at the top of your list, but updating your insurance policies to reflect what’s going on in your life is essential to maintaining the proper amount of coverage.

Auto Insurance

Did you know that married couples get a better rate on their Auto Insurance than singles? Why? Because studies have shown that you are more responsible. So responsible in fact, some companies are willing to drop your rates by as much as 25%.

There are also multi-car, garaging and multi-policy discounts to consider.

Don’t wait, contact your R.C. Keller & Company representative today to see how much you could be saving!

Home & Renters Insurance

While we don’t use your marital status as a determinant for Home Insurance & Renters Insurance rates, it is still important to ensure that all your belongings are protected. Common sense dictates that two people have more belongings than one, so check in with your agent and make sure that your current policy provides enough coverage to protect both your belongings.

Valuables Coverage

Do you or your spouse have any special valuables laying around the house? Some antique furniture perhaps? Jewelry? Fine china or an especially expensive dining set or silverware?

A traditional Homeowners Insurance policy only protects up to a set amount, so if your valuables exceed that amount you may be out of luck should they be damaged or stolen. A Valuables Rider can be added to your Home Insurance to give you additional protection and peace of mind.

Umbrella Insurance

Even with the liability protection afforded to you by your Homeowners or Renters Insurance, you may still not be fully protected from lawsuits should someone injure themselves while on your property. To protect you and your spouse, we recommend looking into Umbrella Insurance. This additional coverage will provide you with the extra protection you need to ensure that your life together gets off on the right foot.

Life Insurance

Now that you’re married you have different Life Insurance. Talk to one of our insurance experts today and let us help you protect your family’s future.

Choose R.C. Keller & Company for your insurance needs

With a new life come new responsibilities and new insurance needs. Let R.C. Keller & Company help you with the transition! We provide all our clients with the following benefits:

  • Knowledge of all insurance coverages including life, homeowners, auto, umbrella, and more!
  • A consultative rather than a hard sell approach
  • A strong local presence in the Illinois market
  • Commitment to continuing insurance education
  • Our pledge to insure all of our customers with the best coverages at the best value

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