General Privacy Notice

The R.C. Keller & Company Insurance Agency recognizes the importance of our client’s trust. Keeping our clients’ personal information confidential is our top priority of all R.C. Keller & Company employees, agents, and staff. The following is R.C. Keller & Company privacy policy which is required by state and federal law.

  1. According to strict standards of security and confidentiality, your personal information, including your name, address, social security number, and credit information. We conduct our business in a manner that keeps your personal information secure by using a secure internet and email provider.
  2. It is our policy that only authorized R.C. Keller & Company employees, agents, and staff who need to know your personal information will access and use it. R.C. Keller & Company workers who violate our privacy policies are subject to disciplinary actions.
  3. We do not share personal information on current and former clients outside R.C. Keller & Company with non-affiliated third parties other than as permitted or required by law, and to provide those services usual and customary to independent insurance agents. Such services include but are not limited to insurance underwriting, shopping the renewal, rating, placement, and providing quotes for insurance.
  4. You are our top priority. R.C. Keller & Company appreciates your business and in order to continue building upon that relationship, we believe it is necessary, not only from a legal standpoint but also as a sound business practice that our customers understand the care our agency uses in handling your information. R.C. Keller & Company will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this privacy policy.

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