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Should you bundle your auto and home insurance policies? What is the best way to get savings from bundling? Are there risks to bundling? These are all questions that insurance agents get every day. Studies have shown that bundling, purchasing one or more insurance policies from the same company, lead more consumers to be more satisfied with their insurance coverage. You may be paying more if you don’t have an auto and home bundle, as much as 10%-15% more than if you were to bundle.

Benefits of Bundling Auto & Home Insurance

R.C. Keller & Company will show you the benefits of bundling your insurance policies with one insurance company. You will see the following benefits right off the bat:

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  • Discounted premiums (called multi-policy discount), this discount can be up to 15% off a standalone policy.
  • The convenience of a single monthly premium and only one renewal every year.
  • One contact for claims, questions and other issues that arise.
  • If a problem happens with one of the policies (ex: you have an accident or get a ticket), the insurance company may be less likely to cancel your policy.
  • If you have a claim that involves more than one policy (ex: fire in your garage and it damages both your garage and your car) you will most likely only pay one deductible.

The savings will not be the same for everyone. There are a lot of factors that go into effect when you bundle your auto and home, such as:

  • Value of your home and car
  • Coverage you need for your home
  • Limits and deductibles you choose for each policy
  • Coverage you have on your auto insurance policy (ex: full coverage vs. liability only)
  • If you need coverage for additional drivers, valuable possessions and extra liability protection

Best Bundling Deals for Auto & Home Insurance

As an independent insurance agency, R.C. Keller & Company can help you get bundled quotes from multiple insurance companies to make sure you are not missing discounts or better rates from another carrier.

You should consider these four things when you are looking to bundle your auto and home insurance:

  • If you need special coverage, bundling your policies by not be the best idea
  • Check for the best rates and coverage, no matter what
  • Find an agent that can get quotes from multiple insurance companies
  • If you are thinking you don’t want to bundle, you should ask for a quote on your insurance policies

R.C. Keller & Company will provide more choices for insurance coverage and rates. When you get multiple quotes, make sure to compare the entire package – from the features to the deductibles. Quotes will not be alike, so don’t pick on bottom line price, make sure you are comparing apples to apples coverage.

Other Bundling Options May Save You Money

You may be able to save more money by bundling more than just your auto and home policies. The agents at R.C. Keller & Company can help you bundle insurance policies for:

  • Motorcycles
  • Boats or wave runners
  • RV’s
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles

Renters or condo insurance are often bundled with car insurance. Renters insurance is inexpensive, to begin with, you might find that bundling only results in a small monthly increase over your standalone auto premium. Discount for bundling car insurance with renters or condo insurance is around 5% to 10%.

Each policy you bundle adds another layer of discount, so the more policies you bundle the more money you save. Just make sure you are getting the right coverage for your needs.

Finding the Right Coverage for Bundling Auto and Home Insurance

Not all insurance companies can offer the same types of insurance or all the policies that you may need. You can count on the insurance experts at R.C. Keller & Company to give the advice you need on bundling your insurance policies.

Since R.C. Keller & Company is an independent insurance agency, we can provide free bundled policy quotes at any time and we are able to look for additional discounts that you may qualify for. Spending a little time with an agent can help you save money.

Whatever you do choose to do be sure to choose an insurance company with a good reputation for handling claims and remember that the least expensive plan is not always the best.

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