Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance

Please be vigilant about workers comp insurance. What if one of your employees got hurt on the job? How would you feel?

Now imagine not having a workers compensation insurance policy. How are you going to pay the medical bills? Could you be sued? Could you lose your business?

Illinois law requires all business owners to provide workers compensation insurance for any employees they have on staff. If you are a sole proprietor, a business partner, a corporate officer, or a member of a limited liability company; you may exempt yourself.

If you choose to not carry an Illinois work comp policy, you may be fined up to $500 for every day of not having the coverage, with a minimum fine of $10,000. Corporate officers can be held personally liable if the company fails to pay the penalty. Since 2006, the Illinois Commission has collected over $7million in fines.

When you contact R.C. Keller & Company, we can help cut costs by examining four areas of your business:Construction Worker Falling Off Ladder And Injuring Leg

  • Rates: Workers Compensation rates are standard nationwide, depending on the insurance carrier, we can apply deviations, premium discounts or schedule credits from those rates, based on your loss experience.
  • Premium Audit: At the time of your annual audit, we will make sure you are properly classified and that you have maintained your records to receive the best payroll calculations and classes.
  • Experience Mod: We will work to make sure you are getting the best rate based on your claim experience compared to other companies of similar size and type of business.
  • Loss Control: Is a risk management program making your work environment safer, because with fewer injuries results in lower work comp premium.

We would like to remind you that workers compensation insurance premiums are based on your annual payroll. It does not matter if your payroll is all accrued in one month, one quarter or throughout the day. It also doesn’t matter if you have one employee or 1000 employees throughout the year. The only thing that does matter is what the total payroll was over a 12month term and what your employees actually do.

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It pays to review your workers compensation policy yearly to make sure you are receiving all of the discounts your business deserves. Please complete the Quote Form above today and allow us to contact you to provide you with several quotes for your workers compensation insurance.

At R.C. Keller & Company, a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency we have provided workers compensation insurance for the businesses of Illinois for over 50 years. You will receive valuable and accurate insurance information pertaining to the workers compensation aspect of your business. We are here to help you prepare for the audit and make sure you have your payrolls classified correctly.

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