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Did you just open a new nail salon in Illinois? Or maybe you currently own a nail salon and you think you are paying too much for insurance. Do you need help finding the right insurance policy to make sure you are covered in case of a loss? If you answered yes to these questions you should call the Nail Salon Insurance professionals at R.C. Keller & Company.

With your current coverage, would your salon be covered if you were waxing a customer and their skin had a reaction to the wax and sues you? Or what if one of your customers becomes ill from the chemicals used in a manicure or pedicure? Not having the right coverage could cost you thousands in damages.

Nail salons offer a lot of services beyond manicures and pedicures, including waxing, facials, makeup, and massage. Having a great insurance company that knows all of your exposures is crucial to your success. R.C. Keller & Company have great insurance companies.

Nail Technician Insurance Coverages You Should Consider

General Liability Insurance: Coverage that protects you and your employees from a variety of third-party liability claims, including alleged property damage, bodily harm and personal/advertising injuries. Other liability situations that commonly arise in nail salons are:

  • Product Liability: products you use on a client or sell to a client causes an allergic reaction, your salon could be found liable for damage
  • Medical Liability: a client is injured on your premises, you could be held responsible for paying the injured party’s medical bills. Your policy will cover this. It will also cover immediate medical expenses – like an ambulance ride – because sometimes a quick response in the present to prevent a lawsuit in the future.
  • Copyright Infringement: Imagine that you’ve been operating under a certain business name for several years. If another company holds the copyright for that name, your business could be sued for copyright infringement, this is a liability your policy will cover.

Commercial Property Insurance: When nail salon owners think of property insurance, they might just think of protecting the storefront or the building that houses their nail salon, but property insurance will protect more than just the real estate. The “contents” coverage of property insurance makes it a valuable coverage for nail technicians, whether they own or rent.

A property loss can be devastating to nail salon. It is always recommended that you add Business Interruption Insurance coverage to your property insurance. This coverage is often overlooked but will provide valuable resources to small businesses that are forced to temporarily shut down because of property damage. This coverage helps nail salon owners pay for ongoing expenses like relocation costs, rent, loan payments and more if your business income is diminished by closure.

Umbrella Insurance: This might be the cheapest ticket to extra liability protection for your nail salon. An umbrella insurance policy raises the limits of your general liability insurance and auto insurance.

If you face a general liability claim that maxes out your Nail Salon Insurance policy’s limits, your umbrella policy will cover the remaining legal debt. If you don’t carry this type of policy, then you will be held responsible for repaying the difference, if you can pay it or not.

Workers Compensation Insurance: In the state of Illinois, it is a law that if you have one employee, even a part-time employee, you must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This policy coverage helps protect your employees if they are hurt on the job. To a degree your employees are at the same types of risks as your clients: sharp tools and microscopic pathogens can easily affect your nail technicians as they would a client.

Nail salon owners should also keep in mind that if you send a technician or receptionist out to buy more nail polish remover at the local beauty store and he or she is involved in a car accident, the people affected could sue your business because your employee was on a business errand and your workers’ compensation policy would also cover this type of loss.

In the event of a work comp claim, owners will be able to help pay for an injured or ill employee’s medical expenses and usually a portion of the employee’s lost wages. This coverage can also protect you, the business owner, although some owners choose to exclude themselves from coverage to save money.

Professional Liability Insurance: Your nail salon and the manicurists that work for you are subject to distinctive professional liability risks that others in the personal care industry never have to address. Most of the tools you use in your profession are sharp and have the capability to injure one of your patrons. Also, any tool that is not disposable needs to be disinfected before using it on another customer.

Any time a client alleges that your nail salon is responsible for financial loss or personal injury due to a nail procedure your manicurists have performed, your professional liability insurance kicks in to protect you and your employees. Below are just a few examples that can easily arise in your business setting:

  • A client develops an infection due to an improper nail service.
  • A new manicurist at your nail salon makes a mistake that results in a chemical burn.
  • A client alleges that his or her foot fungus came from an improperly sanitized tool or a contaminated foot bath.

In the end and after all, no matter how conscientious you and your nail technicians are about following correct procedures and health ordinances, you cannot prevent one of your clients from filing a lawsuit against you for a personal injury they claim happened at your place of business. Once a lawsuit is filed, attorneys on both sides are going to delve into your business as to whether or not you have always followed the correct business practice in your industry. This is often hard to verify on your part. That is why it is so crucial that your Illinois Nail Technician Insurance policy includes professional liability insurance. This coverage assists you in paying for legal investigations and defense. It will also defray the cost of settlements, judgments and other court costs whether your nail salon has made an error or not.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Many nail salons rely on their websites to generate new clients. Your website might also allow your clients to schedule appointments and review what kind of services you provide. Loss of use of your website because of any of the following could cause you and your nail salon a financial loss:

  • Off-premises website and Internet service interruption
  • Denial of service attack in which a website is maliciously flooded with junk mail
  • Website vandalism (also known as hacking)

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