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As an independent insurance agency, we represent multiple insurance companies that specialize in contractors insurance, so we will get you great coverage for a great price.

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Here at R.C. Keller & Company, we specialize in providing excellent insurance protection for Contractors. We only carry the best contractor insurance products, so we can meet the needs of every kind of contractor!

Having the Proper Insurance Will Put Your Financial Nightmares to Bed

Have you ever woken up from a dream where your Contractor business was being sued for millions of dollars? You aren’t the only one; this can be a nightmare for any independent contractor. Contractors could face alleged negligence or other liability claims.

Contractors, especially those in the construction industry, face bigger and more expensive lawsuits than other businesses. Being a contractor in Illinois means you have to worry about lawsuits do to your work, your employees work and the work of your subcontractors. When your contracts are drawn up for a job, are the contracts designed with your subcontractors providing indemnification agreements, hold harmless and require them to add you as an additional insured to their policy? Do you require a certificate of insurance from every subcontractor before the job starts? These simple changes could save you thousands if there is damage or a claim.

Over the years we have seen many lawsuits and claims from the construction industry. We had a claim last summer where a contractor was working in Chicago paving a street with hot asphalt. The contractor did have signs up stating not to walk on the hot asphalt. The signs were visible. A woman decided to cross the street, on the hot asphalt, wearing only a pair of rubber flip-flops. Her flip-flops, of course, stuck to the hot pavement and she ended up burning her feet on the asphalt. She, in turn, sued the paving contractor for her medical bills.

Even on a modest scale, you run other risks, like property theft, vandalism and damage, workers compensation claims and the everyday problems that any firm can experience, like business disruption and vehicle accidents.

Any of these have the potential to undermine your business and undo the years of hard work. With the help of the specialized experts like the team at R.C. Keller & Company, you can protect you and your business from these financial hazards with a customized contractor insurance policy.

Businesses rely on the service we provide for contractors with the purpose-built packages that include protection for:

Designing a custom Contractor Insurance plan for the following types of contractors (and many more) is our specialty:

There are a lot of things to consider, but R.C. Keller & Company has the expertise and experience, that we will work with you to understand your specific needs and make sure you have the correct insurance protection at the best price for you and your business.

We will provide guidance on Illinois state and federal insurance and certification regulations, offer you advice on managing risks and potentially save you money through available discounts.

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