Big Headaches Caused By Little Insurance Things

You called R.C. Keller & Company and we found you a new insurance carrier with coverage to protect your things at a great price. After all the back and forth for a bit, it’s easy to take a fix-it and forget-it approach when maintaining your policies. In the long run, this could lead to trouble.

We wanted to give you a few items to keep in mind to maintain your insurance policies, so there aren’t any headaches later.

Your Mortgage Lender Changes and You Forget to Tell Your Agent

Why it is a headache: Your home insurance policy may not get paid! When you refinance your home, your lender does not always notify your insurance carrier. This can cause issues when it comes time to pay your insurance renewal bill. Why? The new lender does not know where to send payment or how much is needed to pay. Please contact our office any time you make a change to your loan and your mortgage lender is involved.

You Started Driving Your Personal Vehicle for a Delivery Service

Why it is a headache: If you were to get into an accident while driving for the delivery service, your personal insurance will most likely not cover you. Please contact your insurance advisor to discuss your options. Delivery services are an incredibly popular side hustle right now, please educate yourself and inform your advisor if you plan to make a little extra money.

You’re Buying a New House and Forget to Tell Your Agent

Why it is a headache: There a lot of moving parts when purchasing a new home with multiple parties involved. Remember to keep your R.C. Keller & Company insurance agent part of the conversation. As your insurance advisor, we will quote you a new policy with your new home’s characteristics. We will also assist with the logistics of your current homeowners insurance policy. If you forget to do this, it could cause big headaches because not having insurance in place will slow down your closing process.

Call the Advisors At R.C. Keller & Company

Keeping these items in the back of your mind will help your life stay stress-free! Your advisors at R.C. Keller & Company are always motivated to help you slay any insurance beasts that cross your path. Plus keeping us in the loop makes it easier for us to keep you protected.

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