Tips for Parents of Students Doing Virtual Learning

children learning virtuallyDespite the challenges presented by COVID-19, many educators and students have the ability to take their learning online. On August 3rdSchool District 54, has decided to start the school year virtually, since COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the county and state.

R.C. Keller & Company wanted to share a few tips to help parents with students starting the year with virtual learning.

  1. Help your child establish and stick to a routine – Even though school has gone to the online format, treat the school day like you would if your child were going to school as usual. This includes having them get up at the same time every day, get dressed and eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. Check in with your child’s advisor or teachers – Teachers and advisors are usually more willing to connect with parents via email or phone after school hours. You can always check in to let them know if your child is having difficulty managing the online learning platform or staying on task. Be aware of any communications from teachers indicating that they are having trouble connecting with your child during this time.
  3. Encourage physical activity and exercise – Your child will be sitting in front of their computer for long stretches of time. Encourage them to use the breaks in the day to stretch, walk the dog or do jumping jacks – any kind of movement helps.
  4. Resist the urge to sit in on classes with your child – It may be tempting to “pop-in” on your child’s classes, but please respect their privacy and that of the other students. You can always connect with your child’s teacher through email or other communication channels before or after school hours.
  5. Take care of you – This one is important, and we hear it often, but take care of you. If you are not taking care of your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, you will have less energy, space and patience to connect with and take care of your children. Even if it is only 10-15 minutes of scheduled “me time” during the day is beneficial.

It’s more important than ever to find ways to stay in touch and connect with others. At the end of the day or week, check in with your support network; family, friends and colleagues, to share worries, advice and the unexpected joys of living life in close quarters.

Remember we have the power to come out stronger from this experience as we learn to adapt our lives and routines in the face of an unexpected yet shared challenge.

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