Umbrella Insurance for Additional Protection for Your Business

R.C. Keller & Company understands that a serious loss can impact your business drastically. Having umbrella coverage can help protect you from the unexpected so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Purchasing the higher liability limits through an umbrella policy is smart business and it will provide a greater peace of mind with having increased protection at a reasonable cost.

What does umbrella coverage offer?

  • An extra layer of protection – these limits pick up once you have exhausted the limits of your general liability and auto liability policies.
  • Most defense costs do not erode existing policy limits
  • A safeguard against significant auto exposure – one of the leading causes of an umbrella loss

What risk does your business face without umbrella coverage?

  • Once your primary limits are gone, any additional damages awarded and associated legal fees will come out of your business profits
  • A single claim could exhaust your total liability limits, leaving no protection for any future loss
  • Buying an umbrella policy may be more cost-effective than buying higher primary limits

Having an umbrella insurance policy can make the difference in protecting your assets, your reputation and your hard work.

R.C. Keller & Company have been protecting Chicagoland and Schaumburg businesses since 1910. If you have questions about any kind of insurance for your business, our experts are willing to take the time to tailor an insurance plan that will work for you and your business specifically.

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