Keep Your Kids Screen-Free With These Fall Fun Ideas

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the days are getting shorter. Pumpkin spice flavored everything means fall has arrived.

Yes the kids have started school again; but there is still plenty of time to have fun outdoors before the winter weather rolls in. We came up with 25 screen-free activities you can enjoy together.

Here’s our list of screen-free fall fun:

  1. Play in a pile of leaves. As a family, rake up a pile as tall as you can, then have your children jump and play in the fallen foliage.
  2. Go on a nature hike. Explore the beauty of nature and the fall foliage as you walk along the trail at your local park or explore a new part of your neighborhood.
  3. Go to an apple orchard. Food always tastes better when it’s from the farm. Head over to your local apple orchard to pick your own apples, then when you get home have the kids help you make homemade apple pie. Don’t forget to try a cup of fresh apple cider!
  4. Start a pickup game. Whether you and your family enjoy soccer, basketball or football, head to the backyard for some friendly competition.
  5. Camp out under the stars. Grab your sleeping bags, pitch a tent and have a slumber party outside. You don’t have to travel far either, your backyard works!
  6. Carve a pumpkin. Whether it’s the classic jack-o-lantern or you have a unique design, carving a pumpkin lets the entire family express their creative side. Make sure you light it up with a candle and display it on the front porch. Follow these tips to carve the pumpkin safely.
  7. Take a family bike ride. The fall weather can make for a great time for a bike ride. Put on a light jacket and pedal along the sidewalks of your neighborhood or head over to your local trail.
  8. Jump in a puddle. Rain, rain won’t go away? Let the kids put on their rain gear and let them splash around.
  9. Attend a football game. Cheer on your local high school, college or professional team in the stands. Bring some hot dogs and hamburgers for tailgating before kickoff. Check here for tailgating safety tips.
  10. Have a bonfire. Warm up by sitting around the flames on a cool, crisp fall night. Kids and adults alike can get behind the idea of roasting marshmallow and eating s’mores.
  11. Navigate a corn maze. Visit your local pumpkin farm and find your way through the field from start to finish. Try not to get lost!
  12. Fly a kite. Make your own or pick one up from the store. Help your kids release it into the air in a park or in your backyard.
  13. Go on a scavenger hunt. Find a list online or create your own list of things you want to find in nature. Then go exploring.
  14. Visit a fall festival. Chances are, your community has an event that will align with your family’s interests; music, art, crafts, or food. Hop on a hayride or pick some pumpkins while you are there.
  15. Take a trip to the mountains. Maybe it’s time for a quick weekend getaway. See the changing colors firsthand by renting a cabin for a short family retreat.
  16. Run in a race. Lace up the sneakers to get some exercise together. It can be a competitive 5K or a casual 1-mile run, up to you.
  17. Have a picnic. Enjoy a family dinner while taking the meal out back or to your local park.
  18. Tour a haunted house. Get in the Halloween spirit as you experience the thrills of a haunted house. Just make sure it’s age appropriate.
  19. Go to the zoo. Who doesn’t want to see the lions, tigers and bears? See if your local zoo is having a Halloween event where your kids can dress up, go trick-or-treating and see the animals all at once.
  20. Snap some family photos. Allow your kids to show off their smiles or silliness as you pose for the camera in a fall photoshoot.
  21. Go to the playground. Your local park isn’t only reserved for summer fun. Get the kids dressed in layers and let them release some pent-up energy.
  22. Decorate for Halloween. Put together a display in your front yard. Have the kids help while putting the carved jack-o-lanterns on your front step or hanging orange lights around your house.
  23. Take a scenic drive. Load the kids in the car for some beautiful views along your favorite back roads. Stop and get some hot chocolate along the way.
  24. Have a sack race. Gather your family and friends for a friendly hop to the finish like. You could even break into teams for a relay race.
  25. Pick some flowers. Find fall flowers, like mums, that you can harvest and display in a vase. You can even plant some bulbs to get ready for spring.

However, you decide to celebrate the fall season, life is about enjoying what matters most. At R.C. Keller & Company, our job is to relieve the stress and restore your peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy more of what makes you and family happy.

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