Vacation Ideas To Avoid The Crowds This Summer

This year looks promising for planning a summer vacation with your family and friends, after the past year of hunkering down at home.

One thing many people have realized over the last year is that they want a vacation but they also what to avoid the crowds.

family laughing on beach

I would like to share five ideas to avoid the crowds but still have a great summer vacation:

  1. Plan ahead: Remember that a lot of destinations are more crowded on the weekends and then they are during the week.
  2. Travel somewhere remote: Or at least a place that is not considered a tourist hotspot. It can be fun to explore a place that not many other people know about. It is like your family has its own secret and special getaway spot.
  3. Be a tourist: Take advantage of the personalized service of a tour guide. This might include exclusive guided tours and access to famous spots that you always wanted to visit. This may be worth the extra money if you can get it into your budget.
  4. Choose an activity where seclusion is part of the package: An example of this would be going hiking or camping where you and a few others are the only ones around exploring nature.
  5. Rent a vacation home instead of staying at a hotel: This is a great way to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own space and there are no other people on the other sides of the wall keeping you up at night. You might even have a full kitchen this way and you will save money on dining out.

couple and down camping

While you are traveling this summer, read up on the local rules and regulations. Be up to date on any travel advisory’s that may be different from previous years.

Oh, and remember to HAVE FUN and STAY SAFE!

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