Tips For Teens To Be A Better Passenger

Having a driver’s license is a right of passage from childhood to becoming an adult. While teens may enjoy the freedoms of getting a ride with a friend instead of relying on mom or dad, it’s important that teens understand that their behavior as a passenger may help contribute to a safe car ride with a newly licensed driver. Many states place restrictions on nighttime driving (10pm to 6am in the State of Illinois) by teens.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says new drivers may be more susceptible to distractions while they are driving. Letting your teen get a ride home from school from a friend may seem harmless, Teen Driver Source states that even one passenger in the car doubles the accident risk for a teen driver.

Make sure your teen remembers these driving safety tips the next time they catch a ride with a friend:

Pay Attention to the Road

Even though passengers don’t have their hands on the wheel or foot on the gas, they do have an extra set of eyes and ears that can sense problems. Autoblog says that passengers should do things like look around the car for obstructions or other vehicles (when turning or backing up), get out of the way when the driver needs to see out the side window and be the navigator when going to a new place.

Don’t Add Stress

Yes, it is important to support safe driving habits and be alert for road hazards, passengers who point out everything the driver does wrong, simply make the trip more stressful. It is suggested that passengers show the driver respect by wearing their seat belt, staying calm while riding and not pressuring the driver to go too fast.

Don’t Create Distractions

It’s important for all passengers to be mindful of their actions, while in a car. They should respect that the driver is in charge and that driving is a responsibility. Rowdy behavior or having the music too loud can be very distracting, especially to a new driver. Passengers should handle electronics, such as cell phones, the radio and the GPS for the driver. This will allow the driver to focus on the road.

Accidents can’t always be prevented but teenage passengers should do everything possible to be a good rider. When you teach teens to be aware of the hazards associating with riding with their friends may help reduce distractions and ensure a safer car ride.

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